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Nicky Savage

Unity Fidget Ring - Sterling Silver

Unity Fidget Ring - Sterling Silver

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Whilst these gorgeous rings were designed by Nicky Savage to be a unity ring. A ring that symbolises togetherness and a bond with someone special forever, these rings are also excellent "fidget rings".

But why would a grown person be interested in a a piece of jewellery that we like to refer to as a fidget ring?


  • Fidgets can be traced back to ancient Japan where they were used as tools for meditation and emotional relief - much like prayer beads and the rosary.
  • The earliest known fidget was a simple piece of string that was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back to 3500 BC.


  • Fidgets can improve focus and concentration.
  • They can help us tolerate times of heightened anxiety, frustration, agitation, boredom, and excitement.


  • Sterling Silver.
  • Hand made in Nicky Savage's studios by Nicky who has been pioneering crafted jewellery since the 1990's.
  • The thinner of the two rings is 1.5mm with a smooth polished finish. 
  • The second ring is a thicker and you can choose from 2mm or 3mm.
  • The second ring has an unique hand-beaten organic look to it.
  • They are looped together permanently so will always need to be worn together.

Whether it's a fidget ring you are after or a commitment ring to symbolise the togetherness of any partnership - friendship - or a family bond, this such a simple and perfect gift.

These rings can also be made up in Gold or bronze.

Please allow for 2 - 3 weeks for custom rings to be manufactured especially for you.

Email us at if you need to place a special order.

The rings come wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon and in a small fabric gift bag, ready for you to give, or for you to receive for some self love and care. 

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