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Philippa Green

Sterling Silver or Bronze Split Square Solid Ring

Sterling Silver or Bronze Split Square Solid Ring

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Solid bronze or silver hand made ring. 

Beautifully weighted and so comfortable to wear.

These rings are unisex.

  • Material: Sterling Silver or Bronze
  • Width of the ring: 3mm
  • Waterproof 

Click here for a sizing chart 


  • The best way is to wear your ring all the time and it will stay polished as it literally ‘rubs’ on your skin.
  • Clean with “Brasso” or any brass/silver cleaning product, then wash it off with warm water and soap.
  • Avoid sanitizer or any corrosive products on your ring as it will make it tarnish. Remove your ring when you have to sanitized your hands.
  • After a swim in sea water rinse your ring in clean water
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