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Lace Up Desert Boot - Blue Veldskoen

Lace Up Desert Boot - Blue Veldskoen

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Why have just a shoe when you can have a cool shoe?  Get creative with your soles and laces in a variety of colours.  These hand crafted suede leather desert boots provide comfort, durability and a unique element of fun with different coloured soles and laces.

These shoes are unisex.

Veldskoen (pron. Feld-skoen) - or colloquially Vellies (pron. Fellies), are South African walking shoes made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole by a method known as Stitchdown construction and done without tacks or nails. Now a globally recognised brand with somewhat of a cult or celebrity following.

All colours are available in sizes EU36-43 [UK 4-14 / US 5-16].

Selected shoes such as blacks and browns can be ordered up to size 50 

For the best accuracy we are selling them by the relevant EU size so please check the shoe size chart in the bottom right menu for the conversion to UK and US sizes.

NOTE: The price of all our shoes now includes a flat shipping rate for the international shipping with a small handling fee for the local leg. Many sizes will be shipped direct from the supplier.  Please allow up to 12 days for arrival. The 14 day exchange applies.  Please email us at to arrange delivery options.

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