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Ranger Boots - Black Leather

Ranger Boots - Black Leather

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Put these on when you want to change the world.

A proud collaboration between Veldskoen Shoes and Briana Evigan

THE RANGER BOOT IS A SOCIAL IMPACT SHOE - 50% of the net profits will be shared to support uplifting communities and protecting animals. 

In addition, you will literally leave positive footprints wherever you walk in your Social Impact Shoe. 

What makes these incredibly comfortable shoes unique, is that on the bottom of their soles you’ll find positive words, like Love, Trust, Kind, Happy, Pause, and Breath.

“A person walking in a pair of Veldskoen MoveMe Ranger Boots is leaving an uplifting message for whoever walks behind them,” said Briana Evigan, Founder of MoveMe Studio. 

These shoes are unisex.

All colours are available in sizes EU34-50 [UK 3-14 / US 5-16].

For the best accuracy we are selling them by the relevant EU size so please check the shoe size chart in the bottom right menu for conversion details.

NOTE: The price of all our shoes now includes shipping. Many sizes will be shipped direct from the supplier.  Please allow up to 12 days for arrival. 

Email us at to arrange returns. 

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