Veldskoen shoes are meant for everyone with dreams inside them, memories behind them, and journeys ahead of them.

And because in this whole wide world there are no two people who walk, laugh, or think exactly the same way, our shoes are for all the individuals who are living their own beautiful, unique, stories.

They’re for everyone, but they’re also for every one.

The history of Veldskoen shoes is as rich and diverse as the country they come from. There are various groups of people who believe the Veldskoen, or a version of it, started with them.

The word "Veldskoen", was first documented by the Dutch settlers who arrived in Southern Africa almost 400 years ago. It means "field shoes." However, according to Khoisan tribal folklore, there were leather shoes, cut from a single hide, being made and worn by the tribe, as far back as 1000 years before that.

According to GQ magazine, Nathan Clark, of Clarks Shoes, was serving in the second world war when he noticed South African officers wearing, in his own words, “strange leather shoes”.

We like to believe they all had a hand, and a foot, in the Veldskoen story! We joined the journey of arguably the world’s oldest shoe, a little more recently.


The only factory that makes VELDSKOEN globally is located in the beautiful East Coast city of Durban, the surfing capital of South Africa. It is a third generation, locally owned, family business. The fourth generation is studying a footwear degree in London, and will be working in Italy to prepare him to take over the family business. 

The longest serving employee has been at Veldskoen's factory for 48 years. The owner Ebrahim Shaikh says many of the employees have been with them for as long as he can remember. In short, people love working there.


All our shoes are handcrafted in South Africa where we employ some of the finest shoemakers in the country.  Each Veldskoen is hand-stitched  with extreme care and attention to detail. The result of our process is a comfortable, durable shoe, that is 100% unique.


No two hides are ever the same. We use locally sourced hides that have a more natural look and finish to them. This means your shoes may have slightly different textures from place to place. We love these little variances and celebrate them as part of Veldskoen’s beautiful character!

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