When we met our landlord Kevin and heard about the history of the Parnell Village and all the work his father, Les Harvey, had done to restore this little village, we knew we had found the perfect store for Stok. 

Kevin and his team are passionate about maintaining the ethos and legacy his father re-built in the 1970's, rescuing the village from demolition and restoring it to its former meeting place in the heart of "Auckland's oldest suburb", Parnell.

Our store is a somewhat eclectic mix of curated items across his, hers, home and accessories, plus some kids. You can view most of our product in-store or here online.  We source locally and globally, but always with a story - our designers must be small, but successful, offering an ever evolving niche range of products they have designed and worked within their communities, or a skilled community of artisans, to produce their goods.

Sadly we decided to close Stok. at 317 Parnell Road in September 2022.