Natty - Catriona McKay

I spotted one of Natty's Pohutukawa necklaces at I just had to have it. I love her work, the humour and whimsy behind it. It's Kiwi, with a twist. Catriona always focuses on sustainability in her work, using locally sourced materials with a low environmental impact such as the reclaimed Rimu wood that forms the basis of many of her jewellery pieces. 

Catriona has been designing, creating, making and selling Natty products out of her Wellington home base since 2010.  Cat says she is inspired by everything!  Which is what really caught our eye about her work - anything from David Bowie, to a twist on the Kiwi Bird and a little humour around the Radio NZ listener; Natty covers it.  

Natty aims to evoke and celebrate the natural environment with their product, rather than impact on it.  They are always using natural materials, packaging as lightly as possible and using local suppliers as often as they can.  All product printing and packaging is done here in NZ, mostly in Wellington.