Holmes Brothers


As synonymous as Durban Poison is to Durban, the Homes Brothers are to T-shirts. These brothers (yes, from the same mother) have been in fashion and retail for as long as I can remember. Laurie may well have sold me my first pair of Levi's circa 1988. Their ubiquitous and distinctive T-shirts seem to be in everyone's wardrobe and are available globally in stockists from their home-hood in southern Africa, to Germany, the UK, Hossegor France and Tokyo Japan. Well known to global surfers, skaters and street hipsters, their t-shirts, board shorts, caps and button-ups are a must have wardrobe addition for a laid-back Kiwi lifestyle.

Back Story
The Holmes Brothers, Laurie and Gary, grew up in the city of Durban on the East Coast of South Africa, taking full advantage of the warm tropical climate, surfing when the waves were good and just hanging on the beach when they weren't .
The Holmes story started when Laurie was just 14 and couldn't find anybody to shape the very specific boards he hankered to ride. Eventually, out of sheer frustration he started shaping his own boards in the garage of their house. A Holmes logo was promptly developed for the boards and from there it was only a short step to putting this newly established IP onto t-shirts and board shorts .
Established in 1994 , the company takes great pride in it social responsibility to the community and the planet.  The product range is almost entirely made in South Africa, only the really technical products which we cannot manufacture locally, we make offshore.
Although local design input is an important heritage of the brand, it is vital to keep abreast of international trends and design elements.  As a result Holmes Brothers is a perfect marriage of these two worlds - local design and international quality and execution.