Amanda Laird Cherry


Long before sustainability was a trend, Amanda Laird Cherry was working in this space of consciousness.  She has devoted 30+ years in sustainable efforts that positively impact people and the environment. She has always been mindful of the fabric choices, ethical labour practices and the extent of up-cycling, reduction of waste and use of non-toxic dyes. 

I feel like Amanda was the mother of fashion in South Africa as we emerged from the 90's. She grew to be an icon of the industry as it started to evolve into the 2000s and inspired a whole new generation of fashion designers in the country through her own work and the platforms she has created for young designers.

In September 2019, Amanda was honoured at the World Fashion Awards in London, taking home the Fashion Designer of the Year award.  After 30+ years in the industry, her dedication and hard work has been recognised internationally. The business was also awarded the Changemaker Award at the inaugural Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards in the same month. The judges took the business’s ethical labour practices, fabric choices, the extent of upcycling policies and the reduction of waste throughout the garment manufacturing process, into account.

“Those who think of clothing exclusively in terms of this or next season’s fashion are missing the point a little. The fabrics and the cuts we wear tell us about our society.” -  Amanda Laird Cherry

Amanda hails from South Africa, but lives in Charlotte North Carolina and is a partner in The Ivy Citizens apparel company in the US.

Articles and Accolades:

  • Fashion Designer of the Year at the 2019 World Fashion Awards in London
  • ChangeMaker Award at the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards in Cape Town
  • Finalist for the Fair Lady Magazine’s Catherine Award and Marie Claire (South Africa) with the Prix D’excellence de la Mode for Best Designer
  • Received recognition from Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Graza, WGSN, Collezioni (Italy), Trace (New York), Sarie Magazine and Elle (South Africa)