Piwakawaka Tea Towel - stok.
Piwakawaka Tea Towel - stok.
Piwakawaka Tea Towel - stok.

Piwakawaka Tea Towel

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There's nothing sweeter than the flitter-flutter of a Fantail swooping past.  Better known as - and definitely sounds like - Piwakawaka. Who doesn't love a cool tea towel in the kitchen - until that guest grabs it to mop up spilt red-wine (angry emoji). 

This locally designed and made tea-towel is going to look great in your kitchen, hanging on the oven door or a cool hook near the sink. 

For clean hands and dishes only please.

100 % natural (unbleached) ethically sourced cotton tea towel hand screen printed with our own hand drawn Fantail design. 

Machine wash as normal and iron (if you have to?) on the reverse.

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