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Nina Szewczyk

HERstory Playing Cards

HERstory Playing Cards

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Herstory is a set of uniquely designed playing cards celebrating the achievements of exceptional and badass women, inspiring those of the future.

Nina is a graphic artist studying at Pratt Institute, New York.  She spent much of 2020 in Australia in various shades of lockdown and put her time to a meaningful cause and a fine tribute to extraordinary women from history - or "herstory". 

She designed and illustrated 54 paying cards to make a deck of history's most amazing women.  Each suit represents an important field within which women have made a remarkable difference in "herstory".

  1. Spades: Politics and Law

  2. Clubs: Science and Medicine

  3. Hearts: Literature

  4. Diamonds: Music and Entertainment

Further to this, Nina also partnered with a charity: One Girl to ensure that 10% of the profits from the sale of Herstory cards goes back to empowering and supporting the education of all women for a better future.  Purchasing your deck of cards from stok. will ensure a further 10% of profits get donated to One Girl.

About One Girl -
Globally, 130 million girls are denied an education. If this were the population of a country, it would be the 10th largest in the world.  One Girl work to harness the power of education to drive change for girls and their communities.  Their core belief is that every girl on the planet has the right to an education. No matter where she is born or how much her family earns — every girl deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and be the best she can be.

One Girl is fighting for girls’ rights to education specifically in Sierra Leone and Uganda. They work to provide quality education, promote menstrual hygiene, tackle taboo surrounding periods, advocate for sexual rights, and champion gender equality. Quality, consistent, and safe education will not only change a girl’s life and her future, but that of her entire community and country.

Through learning more about the inspiring, powerful women of the past and today, we can help teach those of the future.

54 playing cards (inc. 2 jokers)
63 x 88 mm
2.5 x 3.5 in

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